pregnant woman dressed in practical maternity clothesMaternity clothes have come a long way from the shapeless blouses that our moms wore. There are practical, affordable maternity clothing for everything from work to the gym from Target, Gap, H&M, and Old Navy.

But with so many choices out there, it can get confusing what you actually need to buy when you’re pregnant! Many pregnant women rely on these basics as their belly expands:

  • Maternity jeans
  • Leggings!
  • Cotton dress
  • Maternity-style maxi skirt
  • Tank top
  • Maternity sweater
  • Two nicer shirts/tops

To round out your maternity capsule wardrobe, grab a couple of cardigans and scarves from your pre-pregnancy closet. Some moms-to-be are tempted to keep wearing their favorite pair of jeans or dress pants in the early weeks of pregnancy. If you’re doing this to postpone buying maternity clothes, don’t! You’ll just stretch out your beloved pants, and they’ll be ruined. Try the hair-tie hack instead:

  1. Unzip your pants and thread the hair tie through the button hole
  2. Thread one end of the hair tie through the other end (this secures the hair tie to the button hole)
  3. Then, just wrap the hair tie around the button

Once you’re into the second trimester, this trick may stop working. Unless of course, you’re one of those gorgeously tall women who carry their babies high!

Make sure to remember your shoe closet, too! Shop for comfortable and supportive shoes. As your pregnancy progresses, your feet will spread, and your ligaments will get more flexible. Ditch your those high heels completely. If you’re really into the added height, try a pair of wedges. Your center of gravity is changing, so you’ll be more likely to fall. The risk of injury from falling just isn’t worth it!