Abortion: Consider
An Alternative

No matter what your personal views about abortion are, the fact is that every time an abortion is performed, life changes.

A child’s life is ended. A mother’s life will never be the same. The most significant question regarding abortion is, Why?

Every woman who chooses abortion has her reasons. Maybe she can’t afford to take care of a child. She has not finished school. The father is no longer around. She may not be ready to be a mother.

Although these are all very good reasons to choose not to raise a child, are they truly good reasons to choose abortion? There is another way.

Somewhere, with each abortion performed, a couple waits patiently for a fulfilled family dream. Adoption would solve the issue and give the child and potential parents a chance at a lifetime of happiness.

Nearly one million pregnancies are aborted every year. Nearly one million babies could have had full and productive lives if they had been placed with a family. To how many families might those mothers have brought happiness, if they had chosen to make an adoption plan rather than abortion?

Adoption brings happiness to so many people and allows a birth mother to give the greatest gift of all to her child—the gift of life. A few months of pregnancy is a small price to pay to bring your child into the world and give him the possibility of a great life. While you will be choosing the best for your baby, you will be giving a family their heart’s desire. You will feel better about your choice and save yourself from deep regret later in your life.

One young woman, Caroline chose to have an abortion at 17. She shared recently how every day she thinks about the abortion and still regrets her decision. She had not given it much thought until she got married, became pregnant again and had given birth to her baby.

The memories flowed back as she held her beautiful daughter. She said she is haunted by the abortion and wishes she had chosen adoption. She went on to say, “At least I would know I had given the baby a chance. It was very selfish of me to think I would not be affected by this later on.”

By choosing adoption rather than abortion, you will always be comforted knowing that even though you could not provide for your child, you did give him life and the opportunity to grow up in a happy, secure home with the love of parents chosen especially for him by you.

Adoption puts YOU in control!

When you choose adoption, you have the opportunity to choose the adoptive family, what type of future contact you want, even how things happen in the hospital. The choices are all yours!

You may think the choice of  adoption will be difficult once you have felt your baby growing within you. But think of it this way—you have chosen to give life to your baby rather than abort. Yes, every woman has a right to say what happens to her body, and she also has a responsibility to say what happens to her unborn child. Making right choices for her children is a mother’s greatest responsibility, and it begins before birth.

More and more women are choosing adoption as the most responsible solution for an unwanted pregnancy. Your choice for adoption not only saves a child’s life, but also fulfills a family’s dreams. Most importantly, it shows your child you cared enough about him and yourself to make a responsible decision for both of your lives. Call or text our Pregnancy Option Hotline to learn more: 1-800-923-6784.