Dawn’s Story – Adoption Instead of Abortion

Here is a story told by a young woman who was faced with making a tough decision about her surprising and unplanned pregnancy after finding out she was pregnant for a second time, how she chose an adoptive family for her baby and what this has done for her and her baby’s future:

I was shocked to find out I was pregnant…again. I had no job, my life was a mess and I didn’t want another child, especially under the circumstances.

I had had a one-night stand with some guy at a party. My first reaction was fear. I couldn’t imagine being a single parent…again. I couldn’t go through with an abortion.

I decided on adoption instead of abortion and called an adoption agency. I went through the process of choosing a family. I talked to a couple of families and I had a chance to meet the family I liked talking to. It was a great experience. They were wonderful people. I really felt for them in their struggle to have a baby. I decided that they were the ones who deserved to raise my child. They were very supportive through the rest of my pregnancy. We talked every week and became good friends too through all this.

Then, when it came time for the birth, they came to my hometown. They stayed until I left the hospital three days later. It was a wonderful time! It made me happy to see the joy in their lives. I hated to see them go.

We still keep in touch and I will always know how the baby is as well as knowing he’s in good hands. Now I can go on and make a better life for myself. It was a tough choice, but I know I did the right thing.