I’m Pregnant, What Are My Options?

We believe that you should have choices when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Early on in your pregnancy, there are three pregnant options to consider:

  • Keeping your baby to be raised by you or by a family member (parenting).

  • Making an adoption plan and placing your baby with an adoptive family (adoption).

  • Ending your pregnancy (abortion).

At Pregnancy Help Online, you may explore the pros and cons of all of the options when you are pregnant, without judgment or pressure. When you’re trying to decide, we understand that there are no easy answers. Our website can help you find answers to the tough questions. We’ve worked with many women facing the same choices you may be facing today. Under each of the three choices there are articles about women that have had to make the same decisions you are facing now.

Pregnant Options


This option may be difficult to even think about.

It is a life long commitment, yet you may feel like your life is over. When you feel like your whole life may be ruined by this pregnancy, it may be difficult to consider parenting as a positive choice.

Although parenting a child while you are young is extremely difficult for many reasons, you should investigate all your options, including the benefits and the realistic challenges you would experience by choosing parenting. By talking with counselors and other women who have chosen parenting, you will better understand this choice.

Here are a couple of articles about parenting:

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Of all your options, this may appear to be the most difficult to you. The idea of carrying a child for 9 months and then placing the baby with another family may appear emotionally unthinkable.

The opportunity of today’s open adoption process allows children to grow up knowing they are loved by both their adoptive parents and their birth parents. It allows you to make the decisions you want to about your pregnancy, delivery, and your baby’s future. You may even choose the adoptive family you want and visit your child if you wish!

As with all your options, fully exploring the adoption process will give a clear picture and help you make the right choice. Counselors, adoptive parents and other birth mothers are available to help you get a better understanding of adoption.

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This is a critical choice.

You should not decide on abortion quickly or because you are under pressure. Although law allows you to make choices about your body, you should take sufficient time to consider this option.

Though this choice may seem like a quick solution to your problem, abortion presents possible serious physical and emotional risks. Before making any decision concerning abortion, be sure you have all the facts. You can get a realistic view of all the challenges you may face by talking to a counselor and to other young women who have made this choice.

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