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Pregnant? Get Pregnancy Options Here

Whether you just found out you are pregnant, or are late into your pregnancy, we have information for you. Maybe it's your daughter or girlfriend who just learned she is having a baby.

We Can Help You With An Unplanned Pregnancy.

We understand that decisions about a pregnancy aren't always easy. Unplanned or unexpected pregnancies happen, and helping you make the best decision for you and your baby is what we are here for.

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You may also call our 24-Hour Pregnancy Hotline or Chat Live with a specialist.

Real Women, Real Stories


I was shocked to find out I was pregnant...again. I had no job, my life was a mess and I didn't want another child, especially under the circumstances.

I had had a one-night stand with some guy at a party. My first reaction was fear. I couldn't imagine being a single parent...again. I couldn't go through with an abortion. Read More

My Story: I Just Wasn't Positive I Was Actually Pregnant

I wanted to share my story with you so you can share it with others.

Like a lot of girls my age, I have been in some really physical relationships. While I'm not necessarily proud of my actions, I don't regret being with my boyfriends or anything. I only regret that I may have gotten caught up in this situation where I might be pregnant. I didn't really want that to happen. Read More