Pregnancy exhaustion at its finest!Are you totally exhausted and feel tired all the time now that you’re pregnant? In this article, we’re going to share the causes behind your pregnancy exhaustion, plus tips on how to feel better!

What causes pregnancy exhaustion?

Total fatigue! Your body’s working so hard at keeping you going while supporting the new life inside you. You’re using up more water and nutrients, producing more blood, and your heart rate is up. A hormone called progesterone might also increase your fatigue since more of it is circulating through your system nowadays. AND, you’re experiencing so many more emotions in your mind, which can make you feel overwhelmed.

How can you find relief from pregnancy exhaustion?

Rest, rest, and more rest! Go to bed earlier at night, take breaks during your day, and nap whenever possible. On your breaks, get yourself a nice drink of water or juice and put your feet up. It’s OK to stop doing additional activities for now. That means not attempting to do it all: rush to parties, renovate your house, and learn how to play guitar all at once! Allow yourself and your body plenty of rest time.

It’s still smart to exercise, provided you feel up to it. You can really get an energy boost by going to prenatal yoga or taking a brisk walk outside. Make sure to eat foods with protein, as well as veggies and fruits. It’ll help fuel your body!