Woman in her last two weeks of pregnancy reading a bookYou’re tired, you’re sore, and you might even pee a little bit when you laugh or cough. It takes forever to fall asleep. Welcome to the last two weeks of pregnancy!
We’re sharing five helpful tips to help you survive the longest stage of pregnancy! We hope that they’ll help you make the most of these last few days last two to four weeks without losing your mind.

1. Go to the spa or salon

Depending on your finances, this one might be easier said than done. But if you can, we recommend scheduling both a pedicure and a prenatal massage for this last leg of your pregnancy. Sit back and have someone else paint your toes. You’ve earned it!

2. Pig out

Now’s the home stretch. Whether or not you counted calories during your pregnancy, the damage is done. You won’t gain another 20 pounds these last couple of weeks, so go ahead and enjoy that candy bar, donut, or ice cream. Do you.

3. Let things go

Kick up your feet, watch Netflix, and let the laundry, vacuuming, and dishes go undone. Just, let it go. Better yet, you can use the time you would be doing housework to do something for yourself. Read a book you always wanted to read, watch funny videos online, or just do whatever you’d like to do.

4. Make plans

What’s something that you really want to do? Maybe it’s seeing that new movie everyone’s talking about. Maybe it’s getting dressed up and going out to your favorite restaurant. Just make sure it’s something you’re genuinely looking forward to.

5. Get yourself something nice

Go shopping and buy yourself something new. You could take a leisurely trip to your local Sephora, gathering free samples of high-end skin care. Or, you might shop for new mom gear, like cute nursing bras and flattering yoga pants. Treat. Your. Self. Plus, all the walking involved in your shopping trip will help get your body ready for labor!