not so safe to drive while pregnant, being a passenger during pregnancy is bestQuestion: I’m in my eighth month of pregnancy and I can barely fit behind the wheel! Is it OK that I’m still driving?

Answer: You can stay in the driver’s seat as long as you fit there; moving the seat back and tilting the wheel up will help. Driving short distances is fine until delivery day, just so you have the room and aren’t having dizzy spells or other symptoms that might interfere with safe driving. Car trips that last more than an hour, though, are probably going to be too exhausting at this point in your pregnancy (no matter who’s driving). If you have to take a longer trip, make sure to get your doctor’s OK first, and be sure to shift around in your seat every so often. Stopping every hour or two to get up and walk around will help too. Stretching may also keep you more comfy. Whatever you do, don’t try to drive yourself to the hospital while in labor! And, always remember to fasten your seat belt, whether you’re the driver or passenger.