Learn about nose issues during pregnancyWe all anticipate morning sickness and funky cravings during pregnancy, but there are lots of other unusual pregnancy symptoms you might not know about. This article shares about a few nose issues during pregnancy.
Plenty of pregnant women complain of congestion and bloody noses, (and their partners complain about snoring!) These nose issues are caused by the swelling of the inside lining of your nose, due to hormones. Because of the swelling, there’s less area for air flow.
Your nose might also be bothered by dryness. To ease some of these discomforts, try placing a humidifier in your room. Or, you can take a steamy shower and enjoy inhaling the steam. A warm shower can also be very relaxing and help with muscle aches! Make sure to ask your doctor before spraying any form of saline drops in your nose, because they might not be safe for your growing baby.
Luckily, all of your nose issues will go away once you deliver!