home pregnancy testHome pregnancy tests are very easy to use and pretty reliable. These tips may seem obvious, but in the excitement and nervousness of the moment (Will I be? Won’t I be?), sometimes it’s easy to forget the steps needed to do a test. Remember to:

  1. Read the directions carefully before you take the test, even if you’ve used a similar type in the past. Then re-read them, to be sure.
  2. Get a clock, watch, or timer ready so that you can time the test accurately.
  3. Make sure that any equipment you need to use for the test (such as a dipstick or container) is clean when you start. Don’t reuse any equipment if you want to re-test.
  4. If the pregnancy test requires you to wait for the results, place your sample on a flat surface, in a place where it won’t be disturbed. Make sure that it’s away from heat.
  5. Read your test only after the recommended waiting period. Not waiting long enough (or waiting too long) can affect your pregnancy test result.
  6. If your pregnancy test kit contains second test (or if you buy a second kit) wait at least a few days before re-testing.