Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on May 23, 2018, and has since been updated. 

Adding Epsom Salt in foot bath water during pregnancyEpsom salt baths feel divine when you’re pregnant! This natural remedy for aches and pains is completely safe for pregnant women. You use Epsom salt by putting it into your bathwater and then taking a long, luxurious bath. Many athletes swear by Epsom salt baths for soothing tired muscles after a hard workout. Join us as we share a few ways in which Epsom salt baths during pregnancy can help you sail through your pregnancy with ease!

Pregnant women can easily use Epsom salt while soaking in a tub or footbath. Since it dissolves easily and instantly, using it in baths is the best way to use it as it relaxes sore muscles.

To reap the benefits, put around 2 cups of Epsom salt into a warm bath. Soak in the tub for 12 to 15 minutes. It’s best if you can make sure that the water temp is comfortable but not hot. That’s because it’s dangerous to raise your body temperature too much when you’re pregnant. This is why you should also avoid hot tubs during pregnancy.

There are lots of advantages of taking Epsom salt baths during pregnancy. These are the top five benefits:

1. Diminish stress

Soaking in a warm bath is a great way to help to relieve stress. When you’re pregnant, your hormone levels are constantly changing as your body adjusts to supply nutrition to your baby. This can cause mood swings, which aren’t great for you or your baby.

Research suggests that the magnesium in Epsom salt may also be a natural stress reducer and anti-depressant. Bathing with Epsom salt can improve your mood and make you feel lighter.

Many pregnant women look forward to their nightly Epsom salt bath after a long day on their feet. What a soothing way to relax and calm your soul!

2. Relaxes muscles

An Epsom salt bath does wonders at easing sore muscles and back pain! And it’s also recommended to treat leg cramps, a common issue during pregnancy. It provides much-needed relief for you.

3. Soothes skin

During your pregnancy, your skin will stretch to accommodate the growing baby in your belly. Bathing with Epsom salt can soothe and exfoliate your skin, relieving the stretches and improving its appearance.

Many pregnant women find as their skin stretches to make room for their baby, it makes their tummy and joints very itchy. An Epsom salt bath can relieve this miserable itching.

4. Reduces swelling

Taking an Epsom salt bath while you’re pregnant is one of the best ways to reduce inflammation! When you take an Epsom salt bath, the magnesium sulfate in the salt is absorbed into your skin. This magnesium will get in the way of your pain receptors in the brain, decreasing any pain you’re feeling. Epsom salts are a natural, anti-inflammatory pain reliever.

As Epsom salt is anti-inflammatory, the magnesium sulfate it contains will increase your blood circulation and decrease any pregnancy-related swelling in your body. Many pregnant women find that their feet swell up a lot during pregnancy. An Epsom salt foot soak feels great and will help you with swelling and discomfort!

5. Helps with hemorrhoids

OK, so no one wants to talk about it, but pregnant women are more likely to get hemorrhoids. Take a soak in a warm bath with Epsom salts, and its anti-inflammatory nature can help decrease your hemorrhoids. Epsom salt increases water in the intestine, helping to clean any fecal matter present.

Epsom salt baths also reduce bloating, which is common in pregnant women.

Are Epsom Salt Baths Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnant woman blissed out in the bathDoctors and researchers generally agree that Epsom salt baths are a safe way to seek relief, as long as women take proper precautions. Some research suggests that the magnesium sulfate in Epsom salt will absorb into the skin. This is why many suggest using Epsom in a bath.

In general, using Epsom salt in your bath is safe. But it never hurts to check in with your doctor before including it in your bath time routine.

Epsom salts can increase the temperature of the water, so it’s important to be cautious. When you initially turn your bath faucet on, keep the water temperature down. Also, it helps to double-check your water temp using a baby thermometer.

Where Can I Find Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt can be found at most grocery stores, pharmacies, and drug stores. There are many different brands on the market, and most of them are about the same. Some Epsom salt has fragrances listed in their ingredients. When you’re pregnant, it is safest to stick specifically with an unscented Epsom salt that has no oils or herbs added.

Here are a few Epsom salt mixtures that you can find for affordable prices on Amazon:
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At the end of the day, a warm soak in the tub probably sounds like paradise to you! A bath can be a great way for you to relax and soothe your aching body when you’re pregnant. Many expectant mothers use bathing as a way to unwind each day.