Discover 10 life hacks for your pregnancyWhen you’re pregnant, your body and needs will change quickly. Same goes for the urge to buy every remedy that promises sweet relief. To help you save some money, we’re sharing 10 of our favorite life hacks for your pregnancy. Once your baby is born it’ll be nice not to have a box full of pregnancy gear gathering dust!

1. Try Kinesio Tape for Back Pain

Kinesiology tape can serve the same role as a supportive belly band, but it’s much cheaper. Make sure to have a chiropractor or physical therapist tape you the first time, so you know how. You can wear the tape for up to 5 days!

2. Cooking Oils for Itching Skin

If you run out of your favorite baby belly oil, just raid your kitchen! Coconut oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil can do the trick. Smear on whatever oil you have after your shower for that pregnancy glow.

3. Turn Your Sneakers Into Slip-Ons

Your workout shoes provide you with lots of cushioned support during your pregnancy! Get more use out of them by swapping out your laces for elastic ones, so you can avoid having to bend over to tie your laces.

4. Ask Alexa What Meds are Safe for You

When you’re pregnant, Siri and Alexa can become your new BFFs. One simple spot to check what meds are safe for you to use during pregnancy is the MommyMeds app. It was developed by the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and has a doctor-approved database.

5. Make an Everyday ‘Emergency’ Bag

Sure, your focus might be on packing your hospital bag, but there are everyday necessities you’ll need before then. You can make a simple kit for your purse, so you’re always prepared. You might fill it with snacks, antacids, ginger candies, and anything else you need to get through a rough day.

6. Schedule Your Prenatal Appointments Now

It’s easy to forget to make appointments for your glucose screening or 34-week appointment because of pregnancy brain. Schedule them all at once so you can plan ahead for asking time off work. Plus, you’ll know exactly when the next ones are scheduled. And here’s a pro hack: try to book each appointment on the same day of the week at the same time.

7. Stock Up on Your Cravings

Fill your cupboards and fridge with pregnancy craving staples like ice cream, pickles, ginger beer, and french fries. That way when you get an urge, your partner doesn’t have to schlep to the gas station at 11 pm.

8. Trick Yourself into Getting Hydrated

Many women get to a point where peeing so frequently makes them want to stop drinking water entirely! Instead, get hydrated without even knowing it by eating foods that have a high water content like watermelon, strawberries, or cucumbers.

9. Tend to Swollen Feet With Salt

Giving your feet a good soak in Epsom salt does wonders to tame pregnancy bloat. Get a bucket or large bowl, fill it with salt and warm water and voila! Your feet will feel so much better.

10. Keep Snacks on your Nightstand

This is our favorite hack for pregnancy nausea! Keep crackers, granola bars or another non-perishable snack in your nightstand drawer. When you first wake up, chomp on some crackers to stave away that barfy, nauseous feeling.