drinking plenty of water can help curb morning sicknessIf you’re experiencing morning sickness, keeping your pregnancy a secret can seem virtually impossible with morning sickness. Nausea and throwing up are tricky things to conquer when you’re just trying to go about your day!

The good news is that for most women, morning sickness starts to fade towards the end of the first trimester. Being disgusted by certain smells and tastes is common, even by foods that you loved before you got pregnant. Follow your intuition, because ignoring your newfound hatred of a certain food might just make you feel worse.

Although morning sickness is uncomfortable, it’s a sign that your baby is developing just as it should.

Here are some ways to deal with morning sickness:

Carbs and Protein
Foods like bread, saltine crackers, potatoes, and toast have been found to help fight nausea. To stop morning sickness before it starts, keep a few crackers by your bedside. When you wake up, slowly eat a few before you get out of bed.

Smaller Meals
If you’ve been feeling nauseous all day, food might be the last thing on your mind. However, an empty stomach can make your morning sickness worse. Eat smaller meals throughout the day, and make sure your foods have healthy nutrients.  Make sure to eat blander foods, because fatty, acidic, or fried foods will just bother your stomach more.

This is a traditional remedy for upset stomachs and queasiness. Try a drink made with real ginger, or grate fresh ginger into hot tea. Ginger candy and gingersnap cookies can also help.

Drinking plenty of water during your pregnancy is important, but even more so if you’ve been throwing up. If you’re tired of the blandness of water, try flavoring it with lemon or lime. Drinking a sports drink like Gatorade has glucose, salt, and potassium, which will help return the electrolytes lost during vomiting (and they can help keep your energy up, too!)

Contact Your Doctor
If these remedies don’t work or if your morning sickness is getting worse, give your doctor a call. Don’t try to tough it out! Your doctor might prescribe a safe medication for morning sickness that’ll help it from getting any worse.

Here are some cases where you’ll need to contact your doc right away: if you’ve been unable to keep food or fluids down for days, if morning sickness continues past the fourth month, or if you’ve lost a lot of weight.