Happy couple tours the hospital before birthWhen you’re on the hospital tour before you deliver, there’s no such thing as too many questions. It’s much better to know ahead of time if the hospital has amenities such as a birthing tub and if you’ll be sharing a room. Here are 20 questions you should definitely ask:

1. Will I be laboring and delivering in the same room, or is there a triage area for labor and another for the actual delivery?

2. Do you have the option of a private room? (if the answer is “yes”, make sure to ask your insurance if a part of the room fee is covered)

3. Does your hospital have a designated waiting area for friends and family? (If they do, ask to check it out!)

4. Will I have use of a shower or birthing tub? Are these shared amenities that could be in use when I deliver, or just for me alone?

5. Am I allowed to walk the halls during labor, or is there another designated space for laboring mothers?

6. What positions can I give birth in?

7. Do you provide access to a birthing bar or birthing ball?

8. How long does is the average labor last for this hospital?

9. What is your hospital’s C-section rate?

10. How long would I have to wait for an epidural?

11. Do you have a policy on videos or photos during labor and delivery?

12. Am I allowed to eat and drink while in labor?

13. What’s the hospital’s episiotomy policy?

14. Can my midwife or doula be present? Are there any areas of the hospital she’s not allowed in?

15. Can I wear my pajamas or gown during labor?

16. What will happen if I need a C-section?

17. Will I be moved to another room after delivering? Is it shared or private?

18. What happens if my baby needs NICU attention? Will they be transported to another facility?

19. Will my baby stay in my room, or a nursery?

20. How long can I expect to stay in the hospital after delivery?