3 surprising things about early pregnancyWhen you first see that positive pregnancy test, you might think about happily holding your adorable baby. Or, you might be wondering “how in the heck am I going to do this?!” Either way, here are 3 things about finding out you’re pregnant that might surprise you:

1. It’s SO hard to keep it a secret

Many women in the first days of their pregnancy have a lot of anxiety about sharing that news. “I am so thrilled about having a baby. But, at the same time, I was worried about miscarriage. What if I told a bunch of people my news, and then had to suffer through telling them I’m not pregnant anymore?!” says one mom-to-be, now 35 weeks along. It’s for this reason that many women choose to keep their pregnancy under wraps for a bit. This doesn’t mean that keeping it a secret is easy!

2. Everything will make you cry

Your hormones will be all over the place in early pregnancy! Shares one woman, “I swear my husband thought I was crazy those first few weeks! One night, I cried because I didn’t want to make dinner. And one day at work, I cried in the bathroom because I forgot my lunch at home.”

3. There’s a little human in there!

This might be the hardest thing for you to grasp. Yes, the pregnancy test confirmed you’re pregnant. But besides feeling weird and gross all the time, it might be hard to believe that your body is growing another tiny human.

The reality might not set in until you hear a heartbeat or find out your baby’s gender!