get our tips on common pregnancy skin issues!If you’re pregnant and your skin is acting up all of a sudden, you’re probably frustrated. But don’t worry; today we’re sharing solutions to 5 of the most common pregnancy skin issues:

1. Pimples 

Inflamed pimples and acne can crop up badly (or for the first time) during pregnancy. All those extra hormones in your body during pregnancy are stimulating your oil glands. Added to the extra oil are makeup, sweat, and dirt, causing a breeding ground for breakouts.

Try a product with salicylic acid, just make sure it’s purchased over-the-counter (not prescription-strength). Salicylic acid is typically thought to be safe when you’re pregnant.  It has natural exfoliating capabilities, which will unclog your pores without irritating them.

2. You’re an Oily Mess

Pregnancy hormones are making your oil glands over-produce sebum. That’s what is making your skin extra-shiny.

To combat extra shine, try a gentle exfoliant scrub. Then, apply sunscreen that’s created especially for oily skin (tip: look for words like “oil control,” “dry touch,” and “matte” in the product’s name). For extra protection against shine, try a mattifying serum as your makeup primer.

3. Body Acne

Blemishes on the body are common during pregnancy. This is especially true if you’ll be pregnant during the summer. The heat and humidity (along with the extra pounds you’re carrying) can make you sweat more. After all that sweat and oil touch your skin, it causes a buildup of bacteria in your pores.

To avoid this, make sure to change out of sweaty clothes ASAP. If you don’t have time to shower, try rubbing some deodorant wipes all over.

4. Under-Eye Bags

It gets difficult to get a good night’s sleep with an ever-growing baby bump, nevermind when she or he starts kicking lots!

The solution? We suggest trying a gel eye mask, which will cut down on puffiness and constrict blood vessels in the morning. Pro tip: stick the mask into your fridge to get it extra cool! Then, apply a brightening undereye concealer to leave dark circles behind for the rest of the day.

5. The “Mask of Pregnancy”

The Mask of Pregnancy is also called “melasma.” The condition is triggered by hormones and causes dark spots to appear on your skin and face.

You can try to lift uneven patches with alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) that exfoliate.

Make sure to consult your doc before applying anything to your skin during pregnancy.