Swimming is a great way to survive a summer pregnancyAs the weather starts to warm up, we’re all starting to make plans for the summer. If you are pregnant this summer, you’ll want to start prepping for that too.

Being pregnant when it’s super-hot out is its own special variety of hell. Carrying an extra human around with you is a big job. And on those days when everyone is sweating and fanning themselves, it’s pretty torturous.

But you’ve got this! With these tips for surviving the hotter months, you could even enjoy yourself outside.

Here are 5 helpful tips for surviving a summer pregnancy:

1. Remove your rings

Everyone’s fingers swell during the summer heat, and being pregnant will make them swell even more. Make sure to put your rings in a safe place that you won’t forget about! Or, try putting them on a chain and wearing them as a necklace during the summer months.

2. Pamper your feet

If you take care of your feet, keeping them rested and cool, the rest of your body will feel better too. Try putting your feet up, or getting them resting in nice, cool water. Also, get some comfortable shoes that have arch support.

3. Drink tons of water

Even though it means more trips to the bathroom, drinking plenty of water will help you avoid dehydration and reduce swelling. Get one of those huge Nalgene-type water bottles and carry it with you everywhere. In the morning, fill it with water, ice, and a lemon slice. Then, continue to refill it throughout the day. Just make sure to find out where the closest bathroom is wherever you go because you’ll need it.

4. Swim

Being in the water when you’re pregnant feels amazing! Swimming will cool you down and take all the weight off your aching feet and back. So, take advantage of any chance you get to go for a swim.

5. Wear sunscreen and a hat

Many pregnant women’s skin tends to get more sensitive, so make sure to protect it well from the sun. Wear plenty of sunscreen everywhere, and make sure to wear a hat when you’re outside.