pregnancy hacks make this pregnant woman happyWhether it’s your first pregnancy or third, being pregnant isn’t a walk in the park. It’s hard work. Chances are you’ll experience many of the symptoms that come with being pregnant at some point. From ravenous hunger to exhaustion to physical aches, the list seems to go on and on.

So, today we’re sharing some tips to make a few of the unbearable pregnancy side effects a bit more bearable.  Here are 6 fresh and unique pregnancy hacks that are pure genius:

  1. Wear a sports bra
    Maternity bras are expensive, and not really necessary. So instead of breaking the bank on bras specifically for pregnancy, choose a comfy sports bra instead. A sports bra will give you the sturdiness and support you need for a fraction of the cost!
  2. Have a snack on your nightstand
    “Morning sickness” got its name because that’s when it happens for most pregnant ladies. If you find that you’re nauseous in the morning, it’s probably because nausea is most common on an empty stomach. So make sure to put a (healthy) snack near your bed before you go to sleep. That way, you can eat it when you first wake up and stop morning sickness before it starts.
    If you’re one of the lucky ladies to experience “all-day-long sickness,” try eating smaller, more frequent meals or snacks throughout the day to combat an empty stomach.
  3. Get yourself an inner tube!
    Do you feel like your baby is crushing your lungs? Or have back pain? Try floating facedown in a pool and place your belly in the center of an inner tube to find relief. If you can’t get to a pool (or don’t feel like leaving your home!) try setting up an inner tube inside on a comfy piece of furniture. Just make sure to have space between your belly and the surface below it, so you’re not putting any pressure on your belly.
  4. The freezer is a great spot for your bra
    Because there’s not much that’s more annoying and uncomfortable than boob sweat, particularly if your breasts are sore, growing, or you live in a hot climate. So throw a bra in the freezer to put on when you’re feeling super hot and sweaty. Bonus: it will act as an ice pack, helping with any soreness and aching you’re facing!
  5. To relieve pressure, try kinesiology tape
    Yes, the same tape athletes use when they’re recovering from an injury. Watch this video and learn how you can use it to provide your baby bump with some needed support!
  6. Build yo’self a “puke kit”
    Right now, you’re probably thinking “a what?!” This kit is for those times when morning sickness hits you at a random time during the day. Swap out the tampons and pads in your purse for some gum, a toothbrush, small plastic bag, travel-size toothpaste, and a little pack of Kleenex. Oh, the joys of pregnancy.

We hope that you’re able to get some relief from these alternative pregnancy hacks! Please let us know in the comments if they worked.