get our tips on safe winter pregnancy when you're pregnant in the winter!You might know all there is to know about staying safe while pregnant, but wintertime changes the rules up a bit.

Between your blasting furnace and the slick, icy streets, there’s no shortage of danger in the wintertime. So, it’s important to be ready for the cooler weather so that you can stay safe. Today, we’re sharing 6 tips to help you have a safe winter pregnancy. And remember, it’s always wise to talk with your doctor for recommendations too.

1. Get the flu vaccine

During pregnancy, your immune system gets weaker. Since you’re more likely to contract the flu right now, and the flu during pregnancy can cause major issues, it’s important to get vaccinated. If you’re not sure about the flu vaccine, it’s best to ask your doctor. We’re not medical experts here at Pregnancy Help Online, and this information is not intended as medical advice.

2. Keep hydrated

If you’re setting the heat in a home too high, it might make you dehydrated. So make sure to get the recommended serving of six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water when you’re pregnant.

3. Put the heels away

Everyone we know has a favorite pair of high-heeled boots during the winter. But when you’re pregnant, safety comes first. Stick with flat, supportive shoes when necessary. When you’re pregnant, your balance is off, making you more likely to slip or fall. So picking the right shoes is important, so that you don’t slip on an icy patch!

4. Take supplements

Since we spend way less time in the sun during the winter, you’ll need to compensate by getting enough calcium and vitamin D. Pregnant women are more likely to develop osteoporosis, so taking both a calcium supplement and a vitamin D supplement is advised.

Plus there are bonus benefits to taking vitamin D and calcium! Mood boosters in vitamin D can help lift those winter blues, and calcium helps with relaxation and rest.

5. Get a humidifier

If you’re blasting the heat in your apartment, the air will get dry pretty quickly. If your place is too hot or dry, you might get nosebleeds. Avoid this by getting a humidifier, or simply opening a window to balance the temperature.

6. Stay active

Winter weight gain in pregnant women can pose health risks. The more weight a pregnant woman gains, the bigger her baby grows which leads to more complications. So you can see that staying active and avoiding overeating is important! When it’s too cold to go for a walk outside, you can try swimming, a stationary bike, an elliptical, or pre-natal exercise videos on YouTube.

During the wintertime, we hear from many pregnant women who are struggling to keep their heating bill paid or to find warm housing in the midst of a tough situation. If you’re in a tough situation like this, help is available. Visit to get assistance with maternity clothing, household items, and other necessities.