Pregnant woman in her kitchen looking at online pregnancy toolsFrom due date calculators to customized pregnancy calendars, today’s pregnant woman has many online tools to choose from. These tools allow you to get a better understanding of everything from gender to baby names to delivery.
We’ve crawled the web and picked the top 7 online pregnancy tools for all you mamas-to-be. Whether you want to get ideas for your baby’s name or find out the color of their eyes, we’ve got you covered with these awesome online pregnancy tools.

1. Baby Eye Color Predictor

Isn’t it surreal to think that you’re creating a human who will have 50% of your DNA? It’s fun to guess what your baby might look like as they grow up.
If you’re wondering whether your baby will have blue eyes or brown, this eye color predictor is the tool for you. Just plug in the eye colors of you, your partner, and each of your parents to find out the likelihood of your kiddo having blue, green, or brown eyes. Check it out.

2. The Chinese Gender Calendar

There are so many ways to try and find out the gender of your baby before the official scan. Some of these methods include peeing into cups filled with baking soda or checking if a fast fetal heart rate means you’ll have a girl or a boy. All you need to provide to let this Chinese Gender Predictor do its job is your birthday and the approximate date of conception. Try it here!

3. Due Date Calculator

Are you looking for a simple and inexpensive way to find out when you’re due? You can find it quickly and easily by using this handy online calculator.
Enter the first date of your last period and how long your cycle usually is, and this tool will provide an estimated conception date, due date, and current fetal age. Click here to find out your due date!

4. Babysizer

The Babysizer tool measures your baby’s growth week-by-week using comparisons that men are familiar with. Instead of telling him that the baby is the size of a kumquat, for example, Babysizer relates that the baby is the size of a poker chip!
The Babysizer tool also provides fun and useful information about what’s going on during each stage of pregnancy. Check it out.

5. Open Adoption App

For some women, becoming a mom isn’t something they’re ready for when they find out they’re pregnant. This free phone app for Android and Apple devices allows anyone to learn about making an adoption plan for their baby. It has adoption profiles of hopeful adoptive parents, answers to the most frequently asked questions about adoption, and the short eBook, “So I Was Thinking About Adoption…”
This adoption app is free to download and contains all you need to know about open adoption and how to find confidential services. Find out more here.

6. Baby’s First Test

Did you know that your baby’s screening test he or she will receive after birth screens for about 29 different disorders? This test helps to recognize any conditions that may require follow-up testing.
If you want to know the testing available in your state, this tool has tons of information to answer your questions. You can also join discussions about newborn screening, learn what to expect from the screening process, and get links to resources from organizations across the U.S. Check it out.

7. Baby Name Genie

This website brings some humor and fun to the process of coming up with baby names. To use is, you type in your last name and choose whether you would like a boy or girl name. The Baby Name Genie then goes to work and randomly creates a name for your little one. You might get something straight out of a baby name book, but you might just get some ideas too. Baby Name Genie can be a great source of inspiration. Try it out here.