8 genuine reasons third trimester is the bestPregnancy is a pretty amazing event if you stop to think about it. Yes, there are plenty of aches and pains that come with pregnancy, but today we’re focusing on the positive!

Here are our 8 reasons your third trimester is the best one:

  1. You can totally pull the “I’m not feeling up to it” card to get out of pretty much anything—chores, grocery store trips, taking the car in for an oil change, etc.
  2. You can switch between the same two outfits for a few months, and nobody notices.
  3. Lines to use the bathroom magically part for you and restaurant employees let you use their bathroom even if you walked in off the street and have no intention buying anything.
  4. No one expects you to help carry anything.
  5. You might feel like a beached whale, but you’re a whale with GORGEOUS hair!
  6. Strangers smile at you in public, and you don’t even feel that creeped out. You even kind of like it, just so they don’t try to touch your belly.
  7. Many women spent their whole life trying to hide their stomach flab. But now, you’re totally comfortable having your belly on full display.
  8. When going out for food with friends, everyone always submits to your wishes on which dish to order.