leaks of pee pregnantWhen you’re pregnant, there are hormones telling your pelvic muscles to relax to get ready for delivery. This will make you more likely to have little leaks of pee when you laugh or sneeze. In your second trimester, your baby grows and puts pressure on your bladder. That pressure will make it so you feel like you have to pee ALL the time!

So how can you fix your leakage situation? Try doing Kegel exercises in sets of 10 a few times a day. Kegels are when you tighten up your pelvic floor muscles (the same ones used when hold in pee).  If you don’t know how to do Kegels, Google it and you’ll get tons of easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions! Doing Kegels can reduce the leakage by making the muscles around your bladder stronger.

And, take bathroom breaks every hour or so. That way, your bladder won’t get too full. In the late weeks of your pregnancy, we suggest wearing a pad or pantyliner to help absorb accidents.

If your pee leakage situation gets worse, or if you feel pain or burning when you pee, be sure to tell your doctor. It might be that you have a bladder infection or UTI (urinary tract infection).