pregnancy nauseaPeople told you that when you’re pregnant, your skin will glow and your hair would grow thick, but not that your boobs would itch or that you’d have extra gas! Here are 7 awkward side effects that happen in pregnancy, and what you can do about them:

  1. Burping and/or gas 
    As your baby grows, there’s less space in your belly. It makes your bowels more crowded, so your digestion may become weird, making you bloated and farty. Also, if you’re eating healthier now, foods like apples, pears, cauliflower, beans, and broccoli make you gassier. Greasy snacks and ice cream also will make you gassy. Try eating smaller meals closer together, and going on a walk after dinner.  At night, try propping your head up with another pillow and with your legs raised.
  2. Nipples that itch
    During pregnancy, your breasts and nipples are going to grow as they get ready for breastfeeding. As they grow, the sensitive skin in this area stretches, which causes an itchy feeling. Try moisturizing them with a thick lanolin cream, and applying cocoa butter or vitamin E body lotion after you get out of the shower. Try to wear comfortable fabrics only; keep wool or cashmere blends in your closet.
  3. Throwing up/nausea
    Experts think that morning sickness is caused by rising levels of pregnancy hormones, and it can affect you the most in the first trimester. Try snacking on a food that’s bland and light before getting out of bed, like saltines. A few other remedies include snacking at bedtime, having ginger candy, and wearing Sea-Bands.
  4. Leaking pee
    In pregnancy, your hormones will tell your pelvic muscles to relax so they can help you deliver your baby. This will cause a few little leaks when you sneeze or giggle. Also, your growing baby will put pressure on your bladder, which is right in front of your uterus. To relieve these leaks, do Kegel exercises. And, take a bathroom break every hour or so and wear a pad or pantyliner.
  5. Acne
    Pregnancy hormones once again are to blame for this awkward side effect. Since experts don’t know for sure if acne products are safe to use during pregnancy, avoid using them. Ask your doctor safe ways to treat your acne. Fortunately, the acne should disappear shortly after delivery.
  6. A popped belly button
    Developing an “outie” when you usually have an “innie” is your body’s way of preparing for baby and giving her extra room. The pop usually comes on gradually at the last trimester when a baby is at her biggest and most crowded. Although your outie won’t hurt, your skin there may be sensitive when it rubs up to your clothing. Try wearing a belly band or apply a band-aid on it to prevent irritation.
  7. Dripping breasts
    This is another sign your body’s getting ready for baby. Leaky breasts are caused by prolactin (the hormone that preps your boobs for nursing). You may find that everyday things like getting dressed, showering, or having sex can trigger sudden leaks. While you can’t prevent leaks, you can stop damp spots from appearing on your clothes. Put nursing pads inside your bra to soak up the moisture.

Remember to mention any and all pregnancy side effects to your doctor, even if they’re embarrassing and awkward. He or she will decide if there’s cause for concern.