can you eat Sushi during pregnancyQuestion: Can I eat sushi while pregnant? I really love it, but I’ve been avoiding it because my friend told me it’s bad to eat during pregnancy.

Answer: It’s best to avoid sushi and sashimi while you’re pregnant. You’ll need to stay away from sushi because seafood that isn’t fully cooked runs the risk of making you sick. Getting sick is something you clearly don’t need when you’re pregnant!

Raw sushi may contain bacteria, that causes you to get sick during pregnancy. During pregnancy, your immune system is weakened so your body won’t attack the fetus. However, this also means you’re more prone to getting sick from food. An illness caused by food could lead to symptoms as minor as a mild flu or bad enough to cause miscarriage or damage to your baby.

But avoiding sushi doesn’t mean you have to avoid going out for Japanese food totally. There are lots of other options at Japanese restaurants, even at the sushi bar. Rolls that have cooked seafood and veggies are healthy options. Make sure to also check with your doctor for their recommendations on foods you need avoid during pregnancy.