the changing body of a pregnant womanThere are so many changes related to being pregnant, some glorious, others not so glorious. It’s no secret that your body changes and grows to prepare for delivery, and every week you’ll experience new aches and pains. The good news is that with extra care, you can treat and prevent a lot of them.

Most pregnant women get backaches, usually during the last trimester. As your pregnancy advances, your baby gets heavier which switches up your center of gravity. To keep balanced, you might start unconsciously arching your neck, pushing your belly forward, and pulling back your shoulders. Doing all these things can put a big strain on your back. Plus, your body’s making pregnancy hormones that soften up your ligaments, loosening up your spine and pelvis to get ready for delivery. This all contributes to lower back pain. Here are 7 tips to deal with your pregnancy backache:

  1. Keep good posture: hold your spine straight and try not to slouch. Try not to stand for too long. When you do stand, you can relieve stress by standing on a cushioned mat or with one foot resting up on a stool.
  2. Don’t cross your legs: it causes circulations issues and make your backaches worse.
  3. Lift the right way: squat down, and bend your knees and hips while keeping your back straight. Grab the item, keeping it close to your body then slowly stand up, lifting using your leg muscles. Never bend at the waist or pick up heavy items.
  4. Wear comfy shoes: choose shoes with a low heel and good support. You could also use shoe inserts to help make your shoes more comfortable.
  5. Sleep with pillows: arrange them so they support your back and legs. Or, you can purchase a pregnancy pillow.
  6. Take a warm bath: it will relieve your aching muscles and relax you, too!
  7. Keep your weight gain in check: keeping your weight within your doctor’s recommended limit will help ease the load on your back