first trimester fatigueGrowing a baby sure is exhausting! Starting in your first trimester, you’re probably going to face some extreme fatigue. But, by the beginning of your 2nd trimester your energy will return.

Right now, it’s hard to get up in the morning, and tasks seem to take forever. It’s because your body is focusing all its energy on the significant task of creating your baby. This is putting some big burdens on it, especially during your 1st trimester. It’s because your body is working so hard that you’re feeling fatigued. In order to wake up feeling refreshed, you might need as much as 10 or 11 hours of sleep!

When you’re experiencing first trimester fatigue, here are some tips on how to cope:

  1. Listen to your body. This means hitting the pillow earlier at night and sleeping in later than you usually do.
  2. Take naps! If you work, you could use your lunch hour or break time to catch a quick nap. Or, get extra sleep on the weekends.
  3. Give your chores to others. Let your boyfriend, husband, or roommates pick up some of your household chores, like laundry and grocery shopping.
  4. Snack often and eat smaller meals. This will make sure that your blood sugar is kept even so your energy doesn’t drop.
  5. Move around and get a little exercise: too much rest can make your fatigue worse. This could mean just a stroll through the grocery store or a short walk around the block. Just a bit of moving around can get you feeling more energized.