pregnant woman enjoying a beverage dining outSometimes it can be tricky to put together a healthy, well-balanced meal from menus filled with buttery sauces, empty starches, and tempting sweets. With these tips, it’s possible for you to follow pregnancy diet guidelines when you dine out:

  • Look for some whole-grain options in the bread basket that some restaurants place on your table before the meal. You could also ask if they have any whole-grain bread in the kitchen, such as whole-wheat sandwich bread. If not, try not to fill up on white bread. Go easy on the butter and olive oil: there will probably be plenty of other sources of fat in your restaurant meal.
  • Order a green salad as your first course, and ask for the dressing on the side. Other good first-course/appetizer options are shrimp cocktail, steamed seafood, grilled Portobello mushrooms, and grilled veggies.
  • If you’re ordering soup, try to order lentil or bean soup, veggie soup, or one that has clear broth. Avoid cream soups and chowders, unless you know they’re made with milk or yogurt and not cream.
  • Order a high-protein, low-fat main course, such as seafood, chicken, or veal (as long as they’re not deep-fried or bathed in butter). If all their dishes come with sauce, order yours on the side. If you’re a vegetarian, tofu, beans, peas, and cheeses are a smart choice.
  • For your side dish, look for potatoes, yummy brown rice, pasta, beans, or lightly cooked fresh veggies. Salad bars can be good so long as you fill your plate with undressed greens and trimmings (and the salad bar looks well-refrigerated, lit, and clean).
  • If you dine out daily, try to stick to unsweetened fresh or cooked fruits and berries. If you have a sweet tooth, fruit sorbet, frozen yogurt, or an occasional scoop of regular ice cream are fine.