feeling baby kicks makes this couple happyOne of the most exciting days of anyone’s pregnancy is when they feel that first kick. At first, it might just feel like just a flutter (or like when you have gas!) But as your baby grows, and the kicks get stronger and stronger. By the end of your pregnancy, you might feel like your baby is practicing soccer in there! It makes many pregnant women wonder: Why is my baby kicking me?

Your baby’s movement is a normal part of fetal development. He or she is kicking because of light, noise, or even due to different types of food you’re eating. They can actually hear and respond to what’s going on outside of the uterus. So, when you can feel (or see!) your baby moving, you know that your pregnancy is on the right track.

At your ultrasound appointment, you may be able see your baby’s movement before you can feel it. At six to seven weeks along, your baby starts wiggling with bending sideways. As you get further along, your baby will begin moving its tiny arms and legs around. By 15 weeks along, he or she can even suck their thumb.

Even though there’s all this movement going on inside you, you may not feel anything until the second trimester. Most women feel the first kicks between 18 and 25 weeks, according to American Pregnancy.

You’ll probably feel your baby moving more often as your pregnancy advances. But there may be times when they’re resting, even for pretty long periods of time. If you’re walking a lot and moving around, your baby moves less. That’s because all of your movement lulls and rocks your baby to sleep. It’s when you’re still at the end of the day that your baby will be the most active. Which is cool if you’re just watching a movie from your sofa and not so cool if it’s 3 am, and you’re trying to sleep!

Many moms-to-be start counting their baby’s kicks just before their third trimester. Try counting every day at around the same time, when you feel movement the most. Lie on your side, and count the number of movements. If you don’t get 10 in an hour, try again later. Sugar can get your baby moving, so try eating or drinking something sweet like orange juice.

Don’t hesitate to call your doctor if you don’t feel as much movement. They can do a detailed assessment, an ultrasound scan, and a non-stress test.

As you get closer to your due date, you might even be able to see the outline of your baby’s foot pressing on your belly from the inside. It’s trippy, but it’s a miracle! Your baby’s movement and kicks are reassuring and can be fun too.