Shocked housewife in the kitchen baking something due to forgetfulness during her pregnancyQuestion: Last week I left the house without my wallet, and this morning I completely forgot to send the rent check. I can’t focus on anything, and I’m beginning to think I’m losing my mind! What’s up with that?

Answer: You’re not alone: many pregnant women feel that as they’re gaining pounds, they’re losing brain cells. Luckily, the scatterbrain syndrome is only temporary. Like many other pregnancy symptoms, it’s caused by the hormonal changes brought on by your pregnancy.

If you get stressed out about this forgetfulness, it may make it worse. But identifying that it’s a normal part of pregnancy and accepting it with a sense of humor may help to ease it. Trying to reduce the stresses in your life will also help. Now that you’re pregnant, it may not be possible to do as much as efficiently. Creating written checklists at home and at work (and looking at them before leaving home or work) can help you feel more organized. It will also prevent you from making possibly dangerous mistakes, like forgetting to lock the door or turn off your stove. Relying on a list in your cell phone can help too, assuming you don’t misplace your phone!