pregnant woman in a brown dress concerned about her pregnancyIt’s common for you to be stressed out or afraid about your labor and delivery. Many women are scared of the pain of childbirth.

What you can do that will really help is to attend childbirth classes, held at your local hospital. The instructor is usually an experienced health professional, and they’ll guide you through each step of labor, what to expect, and methods for relaxation during labor. Lots of the relaxation techniques involve breathing methods of some sort-it’s important to breathe as best you can; do not allow yourself to get frantic.

If you’re freaked out about the process, don’t watch shows or visit sites that scare you and make you feel anxious. “Reality shows” about labor and delivery mostly focus on the scary and extreme, on things that rarely happen. A great bulk of births are healthy and normal. And, don’t listen to people who will tell you scary stories of their experience. Everybody’s story is different, so don’t listen to one person and think that’s going to happen to you.

To have a relaxed birth, it’s good to find ways to relax when you’re pregnant. Here are some great ways to bring some relaxation into your life:

  • Go for a walk with a friend
  • Playing your favorite music
  • Reading a magazine
  • Dinner out
  • Starting a hobby like scrapbooking, knitting, or crocheting
  • Attending a pre-natal yoga class
  • Baking and eating something sweet
  • Take a long, warm bath