The Lucky Iron Fish for iron deficiency during pregnancyYou hear it everywhere: a healthy diet is so important when you’re pregnant. But sometimes, eating well is easier said than done. Maybe you have extreme nausea that keeps you from eating well or dietary restrictions. Many pregnant women get told by their doctors that they’re not getting enough iron. If you can’t get iron in your diet, your body won’t be to produce enough hemoglobin. Hemoglobin helps your red blood cells transport oxygen to your body’s tissues.  Some women even develop a condition called “iron-deficiency anemia,” or IDA.

Symptoms of IDA include shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, irritability, and inability to concentrate. The average pregnant woman needs around 27mg of iron daily to prevent IDA.

You can get this amount of iron through prenatal vitamins and a balanced diet. But if your doctor advises that you’re still not getting enough iron, you face a challenge. That’s because iron supplements can be a really hard on your stomach. Side effects of iron are nausea, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea. Fun times!

If your doctor tells you to up your iron intake, but you can’t stomach regular supplements, try the Lucky Iron Fish! This cute little fish is a cooking tool that you boil in water or broth. Then, add when you add a few drops of citrus, the fish tool releases 5 to 10mg of iron. You can even use your iron-infused water to cook with. This iron fish helps add the iron that is so important for you and your growing baby.

The Lucky Iron Fish lasts up to 5 years, and it doesn’t change the taste of your food. You can buy one at, or on Amazon.