woman giving unwanted pregnancy advice

Question: Now that it’s clear I’m pregnant, everyone from my aunt to strangers at the grocery store has advice for me. It’s driving me insane! Any tips on how to deal?

Answer: It seems that there’s no way for a pregnant woman to get away from the unsolicited advice of those around her. There’s just something about a bulging belly that brings out the “expert” in everyone. Keep in mind that most of what you hear is probably just nonsense. “Old wives’ tales” that are facts have been scientifically proven and so they are part of standard medical practice. For old wives’ tales that haven’t been proven, you can confidently dismiss them. If there are recommendations made by others that leave you with a feeling of nagging doubt (“What if they’re right?”) is best to ask your doctor, nurse-midwife, or childbirth educator.

Try not to let people’s unwanted advice annoy you too much. Neither you nor your baby needs the added tension. Instead, try to keep your sense of humor handy; there are a couple of approaches you can take. You could politely tell the well-meaning stranger, friend, or family member that you have a medical professional who counsels you on your pregnancy and that you can’t accept advice from anyone else. Or, just as politely, smile, say “thank you,” and go on your way, letting their comments in one ear and out the other.