Young woman checking her phone in the middle of gift wrapping for the Holidays when pregnantIf you’re pregnant this holiday season, you might be wondering how you can make the most of it. To savor the holidays while you’re expecting, start by slowing down. Let everyone else speed through the season, with all its to-do’s and errands. Your top priority is growing a healthy baby.
Here are 5 easy, mellow ways to celebrate the season and make the most of the holidays when you’re pregnant:

1. Ask for some help

Since your loved ones want you to take care of yourself, allow them to help you do just that. This year, take it easy on the cleaning and chores. Try to avoid feeling guilty if your family clears the table or washes the dishes more often than you do.
If you don’t feel comfortable sitting it out, help out a bit, but take frequent feet-up breaks. You might volunteer to keep the kids entertained by playing a quiet game or reading them a story. It’ll be great practice for later! You won’t do anyone any good by running yourself ragged over the holidays. So take it easy — you deserve it.

2. Make the holidays about you

This tip especially applies if this will be your first baby. After you become a mom, your child will become your primary focus. So while you’re expecting, spend the holidays doing whatever makes you happy. That might be treating yourself to a luxurious pre-natal massage, or it may be just cuddling on the couch with your honey. Treat yourself now, before you have a little one who’ll need your constant attention.

3. Sleep

Getting the sleep you need isn’t always easy when you’re pregnant, with frequent bathroom trips, heartburn, and leg cramps. So sleep when you can, on weekends and holidays. Sleep in late, take naps, and go to bed early when you want to. There’s no need to feel guilty about sleeping more when you’re pregnant. After all, you’re growing a tiny human being, and that’s a pretty physically intense job!

4. Pace yourself

Even if you get help on most of your holiday to-dos, you’ll still need to purchase gifts, wrap them, decorate a little, and maybe bake some treats. To avoid wearing yourself out when you’re pregnant, focus on one or two manageable tasks at a time. By doing so, you will accomplish your goals without getting burnt out.

5. Go ahead and indulge

If you’re pregnant during the holidays, moderation is the key to enjoying the treats of the season. While you’ll be skipping the champagne and spiked eggnog, there are still ways to indulge in holiday goodies without overdoing it.
Enjoy a mug of mulled cider or a mock-tail, and don’t deny yourself your mom’s handmade rolls or your Grandma’s famous cookies. But try to keep a balance. Make room for eating healthy food too, which you and your growing baby need right now.

Happy Holidays!