are you going to grow hair or strange hair growth during pregnancy?Whether this is your first pregnancy or your third, you might be surprised by all the changes your body goes through. Some of the developments are expected and well-known, like morning sickness. Other developments aren’t talked about as much and can throw you for a loop when they pop up. Plus, you wouldn’t have thought to ask about them during your prenatal visits. For example, “do you get hair in new places during pregnancy?” Just because this doesn’t seem like a question that you’d ask in polite conversation doesn’t make it any less real!

Many pregnant women believe that they have hair in areas that they didn’t before. While this is a possibility, it might just be you’re noticing darker hair where peach fuzz was, because hair grows differently during pregnancy. Hormones during pregnancy make your hair grow more quickly.  That’s why so many pregnant women grow enviable luscious locks!

You might feel awkward asking your OB-GYN about a new patch of hair growth in an unexpected area! Luckily, Pregnancy Help Online is sharing info about this topic with you today, so you can read about it from the comfort of your own home.

Your body’s creating more progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone, which causes increased hair growth. To make sure your baby has everything it needs to develop healthily, your body has gone into overdrive. This includes your hormones! Fortunately, your hormones will soon go back to normal and the side effects are temporary.

If you see hair in new places, it might be a sort of optical illusion. Body hair simply gets darker during pregnancy. You probably didn’t notice the peach fuzz before because it was lighter. Darker and thicker hair will go back to its normal state after you give birth. Try not to scrutinize every part of the changes your body is going through during pregnancy because they’re happening to support your baby.

In conclusion, it’s totally normal to grow hair in spots you didn’t have it pre-pregnancy. Three common areas are the back, stomach, and nipples, but pretty much anywhere hair can grow is fair game. It might not be glamorous, but it’s reassuring to know it’s nothing to worry about!