get our trimester by trimester maternity swimsuits strategies!Dressing your pregnant body when it’s time to hit the beach is challenging! Depending on which trimester of pregnancy you’re in, you might be loving your boobs yet hating your expanding butt and cellulite. We’ve got maternity swimsuits and tips for you, trimester by trimester!

First Trimester
Especially if this is your first baby, you might not actually look pregnant right now. You may have gone up a cup size, but your middle section looks a little thicker. Fun times!

Here’s our swimwear strategy for the first trimester: try a cute tankini to cover your expanding middle section. Choose one that fits more loosely so you can wear it for a few more months, too. We also suggest buying a size up in bikini bottoms or getting ones with adjustable ties. That way, you won’t end up with the ever-dreaded muffin top situation.

Second Trimester
This trimester will vary a lot for a swimsuit fit for first-time moms. Some pregnant women aren’t showing yet, while others have a cute little baby bump. In either situation, you can follow our tips for the first trimester. If you have popped, the good news is that you’ll look better in all swimwear than you did just a few months ago!

There is a downside, though. Stretch marks often show up during the second trimester. The best predictor is if your mom had them when she was pregnant, so ask her. Many pregnant women have camouflaged stretch marks with a bit of self-tanner. Make sure to check with your doc first, though.

Third Trimester
Many women begin their third trimester looking adorably pregnant and end it growing to a substantial size. So our advice is, go easy on yourself. You’re achieving the small feat of growing another human being, and no one expects you to appear on the cover of Maxim anytime soon. You do have a gorgeous pregnancy glow going on, and the condition of your hair has never been better!

Our strategies for third-trimester swimwear? Surprisingly, one of them is to steer clear of one piece suits. Every pregnant woman’s belly is different and carry differently. One-size-fits-all one piece styles aren’t going to fit your unique belly properly. They’ll gap in some areas and fit too tightly in others, creating an unflattering look.

Instead, try out a maternity tankini or what’s called a “flutter-top” tankini. The flutter top has two sheer panels which hang down and give you more coverage than a normal bikini top. If your belly is getting pretty big, look for a tankini top that’s fitted at the bottom. This will create a more slenderizing look!