pregnant woman figuring out pregnancy and jobNow that you’ve discovered you’re pregnant, consider your job. Many women don’t know they are pregnant until they’re past the early stages of the pregnancy. So it’s smart to learn now about the substances you’re exposed to at work.

Some jobs may be deemed harmful during pregnancy. Some stuff you might be working with, such as chemicals, inhalants, radiation, or solvents, could be an issue during pregnancy. Ask your supervisor if you might be temporarily transferred to a department that is not around these substances.

Other work considerations that are important to find out about are the types of benefits or insurance coverage you have, and your company’s maternity-leave policy. Most allow some time off work.

Women who stand for long hours tend to have smaller babies. If you had a premature delivery in the past or if you have had an incompetent cervix, a job that requires you to stand a lot might not be the wisest choice for you during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about your work situation.