Pregnancy dreamsEven though most people have dreams every night, the dreams of pregnant women are typically full of emotion. We think this is an indication of the big life changes you’re about to have!

Know that your strange pregnancy dreams don’t mean that the things in them will happen in real life! And, it’s normal to have mixed feelings about your changing life and new responsibilities. Recognizing your feelings and doubts can help you work through them productively. We encourage you to get your fears out in the open so that you can overcome them.

Below, we’ve listed six of the most common pregnancy dreams and what they might mean:

  1. Birthing an animal. The closest you may have come to motherhood is having a pet. Caring for a kitten or puppy is pretty simple compared to nurturing a baby. Giving birth to an animal or pet means that you’re practicing for delivery. It’s your brain’s way of training for the real thing, but on an easier level. If you dream you’ve given birth to an animal, it may also mean you’re uneasy about being responsible for a helpless being.
  2. Taking the baby out, then putting it back. Having a dream like this usually means you want to be able to see if your baby is healthy and developing normally. This dream seems to be more common in women who’ve had a miscarriage or high-risk pregnancy before. It may also mean that you’re questioning “Will I love this baby?”
  3. Standing by water, swimming, drowning. A dream where you’re swimming might mean you’re trying to connect with your baby, who is living in water. Water dreams also get you more connected to nature, since you’re a part of nature when you’re nurturing your developing baby. Drowning in a dream may mean you feel overwhelmed (or that you’re nervous that your water will break in public!) Oceans and waves could signify the nearness of childbirth.
  4. Birthing an alien. While disturbing, this dream is pretty normal. Just think of it this way: it sometimes feels like an alien has taken over your body. The only idea you have of what your baby will look like comes from the ultrasound image, which resembles an alien. This one is like the dream of birthing an animal: you don’t know who your baby is going to be, or how you’ll take care of it.
  5. Cheating. Dreams where your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you are usually a sign that you’re feeling insecure. Many women don’t feel attractive as their body changes during pregnancy. They worry that their man won’t want them anymore, and if they’ll ever get their body back. Keep in mind: just because you dream something, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.
  6. Old flames. If you dream of getting back together with an old boyfriend, it doesn’t mean that you secretly want that to happen. What it can mean, though, is that you’re feeling uncertain about your upcoming responsibilities. Maybe you’re feeling trapped, and are romanticizing the past in which you were carefree.

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