Before a missed period you may feel nauseousEveryone knows that a missed period is the main symptom of pregnancy. But did you know that there are other pregnancy symptoms that happen before a missed period?

The symptoms we share below may not always mean that you’re pregnant. They’re just signs you may be. Make sure to see your doctor once you’ve gotten a positive pregnancy test kit.

Tender, Sore Heavy Breasts:

Changes in your breasts are an early sign of pregnancy. The second you conceive, your hormones send signals to the breasts to get ready for a baby in 40 weeks. Your breasts will get larger, and your areolas will become bigger and darker. Some women notice changes in their breasts in just a week or two after conceiving. Your breasts may also seem sore to the touch.


Feeling super tired without reason is also a sign of pregnancy before a missed period. Your progesterone levels will spike in early pregnancy which will make you tired all the time. If you’re pregnant, your body will start producing more blood to support the growing fetus. This will leave you feeling exhausted!


Morning sickness and nausea are classic pregnancy signs that you may notice right away. Nausea makes you feel weak, dizzy, and like you want to throw up. In the morning, you may feel even more nauseous than any other time of the day (hence the name ‘morning sickness’).


Your jeans may begin to fit more tightly, your tummy may protrude, and you may need to unbutton to breathe more easily. You may also embarrassingly find that you’re burping and farting more. A bloated or heavy feeling in your stomach is a common symptom before a missed period. To get relief from bloating, try eating small portions of food during the day, and avoid fatty and fried foods.

Hating Certain Foods:

You might not be in the mood for your favorite foods. Just smelling them might make you nauseous! It’s believed that this sudden hatred of certain foods is because of higher levels of progesterone.

Take a Pregnancy Test!

Don’t just assume that you’re pregnant by these symptoms alone! If you miss your period or it’s late after having unprotected sex, you should take a pregnancy test on the day your period is supposed to start.

If your test turns up negative and you feel that you may be a pregnant, wait for about a week and then try again. Make sure to communicate your concerns with your ob/gyn.