woman making a list getting ready for her babyIf you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, you may be overwhelmed with all of the tasks you need to do to prepare for your baby’s birth. Your life is going to change forever once he or she arrives into the world! Here’s a quick list of 5 things you can do to get ready for baby:

  1. Make a doctor appointment. Pre-natal care from the start is important to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy. Your doctor will help you with all the questions you probably have, and help you find relief for nasty pregnancy symptoms. He or she will also test you and the baby to avoid any problems, and talk about your delivery options with you. Seeing a doctor right away will also make your delivery go much more smoothly (and make it less daunting!)
  2. Choose healthy foods. Since your body is growing another person, it’s really important to eat healthily. Keep in mind the saying “garbage in, garbage out” as you’re shopping for groceries and preparing your food. Healthy foods are important so that your baby can get a great start.
  3. Take a look at your cash flow. Get an idea now of what you’ll do once your baby is born. You can look into WIC in your area if you’re low income. Create a plan for buying diapers, formula, supplies, and more, so you know what to expect after your baby arrives. You may find yourself overwhelmed with the costs, particularly if this is your first baby.
  4. Look into your insurance (or register for Medi-caid). If you are signed onto your employer’s insurance plan, look at the part of your coverage for pregnancy (including co-pays.) If you’re not on any insurance currently, sign up for Medi-caid. It’s open to most pregnant women nationwide. Knowing what to expect will make your pregnancy journey smoother.
  5. Prepare for a wide range of emotions. If you plan to parent your baby, get your emotional health ready to welcome a new little person into your world. If you’ve chosen adoption or abortion, think about getting counseling. Or, you could also just spending time in reflection, speaking to your unborn baby about your decision. Sometimes just talking out loud helps prepare us for the situation that lies ahead.