How to Cope When Your Baby’s Father Has Ghosted You

Young woman looks out her window, pregnant and alone“I’m 22 weeks pregnant and just found out I’m having a girl! But my baby’s father wants nothing to do with me and our daughter. He wants me to get an abortion. After telling me that, he ghosted me and has blocked me on everything. So I can’t contact him. What should I do? Is there I way I can get financial support from him? I feel so alone and I’m not sure what to do right now.”
No matter if your pregnancy was planned or not, it takes two people to make a baby. The two of you were supposed to be in this together, so it’s normal to feel betrayed and rejected when you don’t have support from the one person you need it from the most. Even though it’s totally unfair that the weight of this situation falls on your shoulders only, you’re not alone. You still have control of your future.

Give Him Some Time

People’s first reactions to stressful news aren’t always their finest moments, so try to give your baby’s father some time to come around. He might have just had a knee-jerk reaction to the life-changing news of your pregnancy. He could be thinking about any variety of things, like:
I never planned to have kids.
I’m not ready to be a father.
What will people think of me?
After taking the time to process and imagine a different life path, he may come around and give you support. Pressuring him won’t do any good right now. For now, try to keep your mind on what’s best for you and your baby.

Don’t Let Anyone Pressure You

This is your life, your body, and your choice.
Don’t let your baby’s father pressure you into having an abortion. The decision to get an abortion is a permanent one, and you might regret it for the rest of your life if it’s not what you truly want. Only you can decide what will be best for you and your baby. This is your future, and you do have choices!

Becoming a Single Parent

While thinking about becoming a parent, try to envision what being a single parent would be like Maybe your baby’s father will come around, but right now, you can’t make plans based on him. Is the life of a single mom something you can take on both emotionally and financially?
Support through services like WIC and Medicaid can help relieve the financial stress of being a single parent.
A court cannot force your baby’s father to have a relationship with his child, but they can require he provide financial assistance. Your baby’s father will be required to pay child support.
You’ll need your baby’s father to agree to a paternity test to collect child support from him. If he refuses to cooperate, you can file a civil lawsuit to determine paternity. The paternity test can even be done before the baby is born in some cases. As paternity laws differ depending on your state, you should consult with a family law attorney.

Exploring Adoption

If you can’t raise your child on your own, adoption may be the right choice for you. You have complete control over the whole process in today’s open adoptions.
Lifetime Adoption is a nationwide adoption agency that provides expectant mothers with caring support and guidance during every step of the process. You’re in charge of your adoption plans. With Lifetime’s proven expertise in open adoption, they can help you find the perfect family for your child.
The compassionate adoption professionals at Lifetime Adoption will help you every step of the way. You will be able to:

  • Browse online profiles of adoptive families
  • Get counseling and support
  • Get to know the adoptive family before decide if they’re the right parents for your baby
  • Decide how much contact you’d like to keep with your child throughout his life.
  • Get updates about your child as he or she grows up

Can I Do Adoption if My Baby’s Father Isn’t Involved?

Ordinarily, adoption requires both parents’ consent. There are some situations where adoption can be done without the father’s consent. Adoption laws vary in every state. So depending on where you live, you may not need his permission if:

  • He is a convicted felon.
  • He is abusive.
  • He is currently in jail.
  • He is coping with drug addiction.
  • He can’t be located.

The best scenario for an adoption process is to get the father’s written consent. An adoption professional or an adoption attorney can assist you with this.
Your baby’s father could object to the adoption, but that usually happens when he wants custody of his child. If your baby’s father can’t show that he’ll be able to support the child properly or doesn’t provide support during your pregnancy, he can be denied the right to object to the adoption.

Making a Decision That’s Right for You

In the event that your baby’s father changes his mind about being a part of his child’s life, you can begin making these plans together. But for the time being, concentrate on what’s best for you and your baby.
Your baby has created a connection between the both of you that could last for the next 18 years. However, you’re still in control of what that relationship will look like. You must make the best choices for your health and happiness and your baby’s future too. Let the adoption professionals at Lifetime Adoption provide you with support and non-judgmental guidance.

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