Young women talking together at the park, remaking on the rude things people say to pregnant womenWhen you’re pregnant, you may have many emotions, from fear to excitement to frustration. Pregnant women are regularly commented on, given advice, or asked ignorant questions. Unfortunately, some people don’t think before they say things, ask rude questions, and say whatever comments come to mind!
Why? It’s a mystery. I’m sure plenty of people who say rude things didn’t mean them to come out that way. But their comments can come out offensive, and they really should have known better.
Today, we’re sharing some of the most ridiculously rude comments we’ve heard of (or experienced firsthand!) Keep reading to see whether you’ve gotten any of these obnoxious comments. If so, plenty of women can sympathize!

1. “You look like you’re ready to pop at any time!”

Alternate versions of this rude comment include, “Wow, you’re huge!” or “Are you carrying twins? You’re so big.” Nearly every woman has heard this one in some form or another when she’s expecting. It’s always a bad idea to say stuff like this. Just don’t go there.

2. “You look tired.”

Um, thank you? This comment can really take the pep out of your step. Yes, obviously, you’re tired; you’re carrying around and growing another little person for 9+ months. Pretty much every mom we know heard this one. Why people would ever think this is OK to say to anyone, pregnant or not, is beyond us. It’s insulting and doesn’t serve any purpose. But it’s especially offensive to a pregnant woman since she’s probably already feeling rundown and self-conscious to begin with.

3. “You look like you’re carrying a (boy/girl)!”

Practically since the beginning of time, people have come up with ways to try to figure out whether that bun in the oven is a boy or a girl. There are so many old wives’ tales related to pregnancy. Those gossipy ladies of yesteryear seemed primarily focused on predicting the gender of that baby bump. Either way, it’s hard to tell whether it’s a compliment or not, landing it on the #3 spot of our list of rude things people say to pregnant women. It’s best to leave the gender detection to the doctor.

4. “Your body will never be the same again.”

Sure, a woman may lose the pregnancy pounds and miraculously avoid getting stretch marks, but her body will always have some reminder of the baby she once carried. But, it’s insulting to say things like this; they seem to dishonor the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth.

5. “You’re brave to be wearing tight-fitting clothes when you’re pregnant!”

We’re not ones to be left speechless very often, but this one did the trick. “I just smiled and then walked away before I embarrassed myself and started sobbing in front of the lady who paid me this sweet, sweet compliment,” says one of our staff writers who experienced this herself. Sensitivity is so crucial around pregnant moms!

6. “Your life will never be the same!”

Yes, we know. Thanks for the tip. We’re sure that some people who say this are just trying to make conversation and mean well. But it has an ominous ring to it, so we suspect others get a thrill out of terrifying expectant women. Plus, it’s pretty much stating the obvious. A little advice: Don’t scare a pregnant woman any more than she already is.

7. “How do you even have the energy to _____?” (fill in the blank)

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to remain motionless for 40 weeks. Some expecting moms actually have energy on occasion to DO things! Real-people things like exercise, go to work, take a walk, go out to dinner, and even travel. Extraordinary!

8. “Rest up now, because you won’t get any sleep once your baby arrives!”

This comment is said so often to pregnant women, that it almost doesn’t need any explanation. Ask most mothers-to-be, and she’ll tell you she’s already accepted that her sleep will be interrupted.
Of all the rude things people say to pregnant women, this one seems to be said almost as a scare-tactic. Plus, it’s stating the obvious!
Have you ever had someone say one of these rude comments to you? Or have you experienced a different remark? Please share it with us in the comments!

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on August 12, 2020 and has since been updated.