Question: I’ve been dating the father of my baby but considering adoption for our baby. Wouldn’t it be better if we just got married and tried to raise the child together?

Answer: Perhaps, as long as you aren’t marrying simply because of the pregnancy. Marriage for the wrong reason has a greater chance of failure, compared to a relationship that has had time to develop without the pressure of an unplanned pregnancy. Be honest with yourself about your baby’s father. The decision to marry should be because you’re both committed to each other and want to marry, not because you’re having a baby together.

Think about what you want for your life before adding marriage and parenting. Don’t put your child’s future at risk if you and the father are not ready to give your full attention to being parents. It’s OK to not be ready or to decide that you want more out of life before “settling down.”

Consider what kind of home life you want for your child. Are you ready and able to provide a stable and safe home life? Is your man? If not, adoption can offer the home life you desire for your child.