Learn how an unplanned pregnancy changes your lifeHave you ever thought about how having a baby might change your life? It’s a little crazy how much things change when you have a baby. And, if you’re dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, it can be extra crazy. Not everybody in your life will be ready for this huge change.

An Education Is Difficult

Having a baby before you’re ready makes going to school very hard. Caring for a baby takes up a lot of time, and they obviously can’t just be left on their own. So, you’d need to figure out who will care for your baby while you’re at class.

If your parents are around to help out, that’s great. But, relying on a parent puts a strain on your relationship. Daycare is expensive, so if you’re going to school and paying for daycare, expect money to be very tight.

Your Career Plans May Be Paused

An unplanned pregnancy can be a real obstacle to your career goals. If you’re climbing the corporate ladder, you may feel disappointed when you have to stay home with the baby when you’d rather be working.

Expect that you will be more tired at work, and more stressed out at home. There are only so many hours in the day, and if you don’t have enough support at home from either family members or the baby’s father, then you’ll be taking care of a lot of responsibilities on your own.

There Will Be Less “Me Time”
Before becoming a mom, you might have felt like babies were just cute, tiny people. But any parent will tell you that babies will devour every bit of energy you have and rule your life.

It seems like babies always get hungry the second you sit down to eat. And slow, relaxed showers are ruled out for the first few months. There isn’t any time for yourself with all the rocking, feeding, burping, and changing diapers. Right now you’re the only person you have to be concerned about. If you end up parenting after an unplanned pregnancy, you may be bitter about having your “me time” taken away.

You’ll Lose Sleep

You will get less sleep, no matter if your pregnancy was planned or not. Most newborns don’t sleep for long stretches of time, and it’s hard to get used to being woken up all night.

So, be prepared for less sleep. It may make you feel overwhelmed (and maybe a little annoyed) of being so tired, especially if you didn’t plan on this pregnancy.

Money Will Be Tight
Buying everything that a baby needs is expensive. Think about all the baby gear, strollers, slings, baby wipes, diaper cream, bottles, and diapers you’ll need.

Money might not be as tight if your family is supportive. But you need to be ready for money to be tighter, particularly if you’re taking time off work or paying for childcare.

Relationships Will Change
Your relationships with friends and family might change in ways you don’t like, or it may change for the better. Unplanned pregnancies typically don’t bring families closer together.

If you’re in a new relationship with a boyfriend or husband, this unplanned pregnancy can put stress on it. Maybe he wasn’t ready to be a dad just yet. That can bring up a lot of difficult emotions that aren’t easy to talk about.

It might seem like your pregnancy is none of your family member’s business, but they might think it. Your parents might have strong opinions on your pregnancy and pressure you to make a decision you wouldn’t normally make.

Friends that are supportive during your pregnancy might distance themselves after you deliver. This is especially true when they don’t have children of their own. Since becoming a parent changes your life in so drastically, they won’t understand why you don’t have time to spend with them anymore.

It’s helpful to think about all of these things when you find out you’re pregnant by accident. If you’re stressing over how this unplanned will might affect your life, talking with someone about your situation helps. You can connect with Lifetime Adoption at 1-800-923-6784 and have a private one-on-one talk with a pregnancy coordinator. She’ll answer any questions you might have about your options and give you resources for finding more info.