woman wearing a seatbelt when pregnantQuestion: I’m wondering, is it safe to fasten my seat belt in the car while I’m pregnant? What about in airplanes?

Answer: The best way to avoid a car crash (as well as serious injury to your baby) is to always buckle up. Statistics say that it’s a lot safer for pregnant women to fasten their seat belt than to not fasten it.

To maximize your safety and minimize any discomfort, you can fasten your seat belt below your belly, across your pelvis and upper thighs. If your car has a shoulder strap, wear it over your shoulder (not under your arm) diagonally between your breasts and to the side of your belly. Don’t worry that the pressure of an abrupt stop will hurt your baby. Your baby is well-cushioned by amniotic fluid and uterine muscle.

Fastening your seat belt on planes when the seat belt sign is lit isn’t only required by law; it’s your best protection against being thrown from your seat during turbulence. So buckle up in the air, too.