use a warm blanket while pregnantQuestion: We live in an older Victorian house and it gets so drafty and cold in the winter. So, we usually use an electric blanket on our bed during the night. Is it safe to keep using it, now that I’m pregnant?

Answer: Experts still debate about how safe it is for pregnant women to use electric blankets. Some experts question whether they can cause health problems. Electric blankets give off a low-level electromagnetic field. The developing fetus may be more sensitive than you are to these electromagnetic fields.

Since researchers are still uncertain about what an acceptable level of exposure for a pregnant woman and her baby is, the safest option is to not use an electric blanket during pregnancy. There are plenty of other ways to keep warm, like down comforters and wool blankets. Also, consider weather-proofing your windows with plastic window-sealing kits to keep out those freezing winter drafts. You can find them at your local hardware store.