this woman drink lots of waterWhen you’re pregnant, you’ll need to drink lots of water and other fluids. Fluid helps your body grow new cells, process nutrients, and regulate body temp. You’ll probably feel better during your pregnancy if you drink more water than usual!

Studies have shown that for every 15 calories your body burns, you need around one tablespoon of water. So if you burn 2,000 calories each day, you’ll need to drink about two quarts of water! Your calorie needs will increase when you’re pregnant, so that also means drinking more water. A good goal is six to eight glasses a day. Make sure you sip water throughout the day and decrease how much you drink later on in the day. That will save you a few bathroom trips in the middle of the night!

Water is your best source of fluid. But, you can also try milk, vegetable juice, fruit juice, and certain teas. We say “certain teas” because some aren’t safe for pregnant women. Share the type of tea you’d like to drink your doctor, and he or she can let you know if it’s safe. Other ways to reach your goal of fluid consumption are by eating fruits and veggies, milk products, and meat.

Avoid drinking coffee and cola, which may have sodium and caffeine in them. Sodium and caffeine are diuretics, which will actually increase your water needs!

Common pregnancy complaints such as uterine cramping, headaches, and bladder infections may be helped by drinking water.

You can check the color of your pee to find out if you’re getting enough water. If it’s clear to light yellow, you’re getting enough. If it’s dark yellow, definitely up your fluid intake. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water because by that point you’ve already lost around 1% of your body’s fluids.