Pregnant college studentPicture getting ready for an 8 am class after being up most of the night with a crying baby. When you’re done with classes, you go to work for eight hours. Once you get off work, you rush to pick up your baby from daycare. Then, you go home and start this process all over again.
In the scenario described here, you’re not really raising your baby. The childcare provider is doing most of the nurturing and caring for your child.
There are few parenting situations more difficult than caring for a baby with no support while trying to finish college. Raising a child on your own is a full-time job, on top of your course load.
Statistics show that many women who get pregnant in college and decide to parent their child end up quitting school. Many of these mothers grow dependent on welfare programs to help raise their child. The cycle of poverty stays at her door because it’s hard to make much money without a college education.
If you’re pregnant and in college, this scenario may seem incredibly depressing. It can come as a big shock when only a short time ago you were living a life of freedom and had your future all planned out.
Of course, you’ll want to do what’s best for you and your baby. How can you provide the best life for your child while remaining in college?
You have choices that will empower you to set your world right and do the best thing you can do for your child. Maybe you haven’t thought about the choice of adoption yet, but now may be a good time to consider it.
With open adoption, you can select the adoptive parents who will raise your child. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the type of home your child will grow up in. You can even stay in touch with your child as he or she grows up. The adoptive parents will send you updates through letters, emails, photos, and even occasional visits.
By making an adoption plan, you’ll be able to finish your education and better your life. Plus, you can provide your child with a mom and dad who will provide a stable and loving home. You can live your life secure in the knowledge that your child is in the best possible home that you could provide.

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