Pregnant woman rocking her favorite pair of maternity jeansSome women cringe at the thought of wearing maternity jeans in pregnancy. But we promise: once you find the right pair of maternity jeans, you’ll want to wear them every day! They’re as versatile during pregnancy as they are in normal life.
This blog is part 3 of Pregnancy Help Online’s blog series, Where to Buy the Best Maternity Clothes. Last time, we brought you the top maternity athleisure clothing for your budget!

5 quick tips to help you find the perfect pair of maternity jeans:

1. Comfort. Think about it: if you don’t want to wear them, they’re not the right pair. The pair of maternity jeans you buy shouldn’t have any “pinch points,” and they should feel soft and comfy.
2. Fit. You need to feel confident in your maternity jeans; they should flatter your curves in all the right places. This might mean investing in maternity denim that’s designer. But make sure to keep your “price per wear” in mind. Many women continue to wear maternity jeans a few months post-partum, too.
3. Panels: There are three different designs to provide your belly with the support you desire. With a full panel, a piece of fabric that covers your entire belly and supports it as your baby grows. Full-panel maternity jeans are best for cooler climates since they tend to feel very hot in the summer. Side panel maternity jeans have an elastic fabric in the sides of the pants which stretches with your growing belly. For an in-between panel size, choose demi panel maternity denim. It’s best for the first trimester because it covers just the lower part of your belly.
4. Proper care. Maintain the shape of your maternity jeans by hanging them to dry. Air-drying your jeans will also help prolong the life of the elastic panels.
5. Sizing: Purchase your maternity jeans in your regular, non-pregnancy size. Maternity sizing takes into account the typical weight gain that comes with pregnancy.
Many women can still fit into their normal jeans in the early stages of pregnancy. Extend the life of jeans that you already own by wearing a belly band like this one from Ingrid & Isabel. The band goes on top of your unfastened waistband. You can also use a band in your postpartum months. They’re awesome at keeping your maternity jeans up while you start losing the baby weight.
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Best Maternity Jeans

H&M MAMA Boyfriend Jeans
These relaxed cut jeans from H&M are great for flaunting your bump with a cute top. They have a full panel, which gives your baby bump great support. Plus, they have a slight stretch so they’ll be comfy throughout your pregnancy!
Target Maternity Jeans
Yes, you can be pregnant AND keep wearing your beloved skinny jeans! These ones from Target are made of power stretch denim, so they’ll shape and sculpt your body as it evolves throughout pregnancy. The low back design will keep you cool in warmer weather, while the crossover panel gives you gentle back support. This pair of skinny jeans will become a staple in your maternity wardrobe!
Old Navy Maternity Side-Panel Skinny Jeans
This pair of maternity denim is so affordable, you might end up buying more than one! The discreet side stretch panels in these dark wash skinny jeans mean you can wear them well after pregnancy, too. Old Navy has them available in sizes 0 to 18 and they come in multiple lengths, so you’re sure to find your perfect fit.
Motherhood Maternity Indigo Blue Secret Fit Belly Stretch Straight Leg Jeans
This classic straight fit from Motherhood comes in a full range of sizes. The jeans are soft and flexible, and the material isn’t too hot. Depending on the kind of support you’re after, the secret belly panel can be worn up or rolled down.
ASOS Super Low Rise Flare Jeans
Flared jeans are back in a big way! This pair from ASOS are comfortable to wear, and the fit is flattering. They’re the perfect partner for your cute maternity tops. They’ll make your legs will look like they’re a thousand miles long!
Motherhood Maternity Indigo Blue Secret Fit Belly Skinny Ankle Jeggings
You can’t go wrong with black jeans. They’re slimming and so chic! These jeggings in black from Motherhood Maternity are a maternity wardrobe staple that you NEED in your closet.
Well, there you have it: our top picks for maternity denim! Do you have a favorite brand or fit that we missed? Please share it with us in the comments!