Wondering who will be in the delivery room during labor?When you’re in the last few weeks of your pregnancy, questions about labor and delivery start to crop up in your mind. You might be feeling nervous about your baby’s wellbeing, the pain of labor, and what kind of embarrassing things might happen when you’re pushing. You might also be a little worried about who will be in the delivery room, or how many people will be around you as you give birth.
To help ease some of your anxieties, we’re going to detail who is usually present in the delivery room! Depending on your medical needs, you may be allowed to have a roomful of people. Or, there may just be a doula or birth partner allowed. For your labor to flow well, it’s a good idea to have fewer people in the room. But if there’s a medical need, there can be several doctors, obstetricians, and pediatricians present.
Some women choose their husband or significant other to be a birth partner, while others also request that their doula, a friend, or a family member be present. It is all about getting the amount of support that’s right for you, and having who you feel safe and comfortable with.

Hospital Policy

The final determination on who gets to be in the delivery room is made by doctors and hospital policies. Most birthing centers and hospitals have policies in place. Many policies will allow up to three people, but it also depends on the amount of space in the room. Birthing centers might even allow children in the delivery room, as long as there’s another adult there to take care of the child.
Since every hospital’s policies and procedures will vary, get acquainted with the policies of your specific facility and ask about any extra needs you might have. Also, each delivery can vary, even with the same woman. “When I gave birth to my first child, I had a team of nurses and doctors around me during delivery, but with my second, I had just one doctor and one nurse working with me,” shares one mom.

What If I Have a C-Section?

If you get a C-section, your hospital may allow just one person in the room. That’s because your healthcare team needs quiet and a spacious room to work in during surgery. With all the doctors, nurses, assistants, and anesthesiologists needed to work on you; you don’t want people to get in their way.

Choosing Your Delivery Room Company

You want to pick people who are supportive, hardy, and tireless, so that they can give you strength and encouragement through the process. You might also choose backups, in case someone can’t be there.

Take a Hospital Tour

If you know where you’ll be delivering, make sure to take some time to talk to their staff about delivery room policies and procedures. Many hospitals will offer a tour for expecting parents. A hospital tour is a great way to get acquainted with the medical staff and space! Ask them how many people are allowed in the room when you deliver. Visiting your hospital or birthing center should ease your worries a bit, as well as talking to other moms who delivered there.