8 common tips to help you get throughWorking when you’re pregnant isn’t always easy. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are 8 common pregnancy challenges along with tips on to help them at work:

  1. You’re exhausted, but scared to drink coffee

Most OB-GYNs will tell you it’s okay to have coffee in limited amounts when you’re pregnant. There are definitely things you need to avoid during pregnancy like drinking and smoking. A small amount of coffee is safe, though, especially if it helps you get through the day. Make sure to talk with your doctor about your exhaustion.

  1. You’re feeling really drained

The first trimester can really drain your energy and make work difficult.  You might be also hiding the news of your pregnancy from your boss until you’re farther along. In that case, talk to her about other ways you can work, such as working from home or working alternate hours.

  1. You’re nauseous all the time

If you travel to work using public transportation, it may be making you feel light-headed and faint. So, make sure to eat breakfast before you leave for work, and also eat a late afternoon snack. Also, stay hydrated by always having water handy. Having a small snack can help keep your blood sugar levels in check which will prevent fainting. We recommend asking someone to give up their seat. In the wintertime, take off your scarf and coat before getting on the train or bus to prevent overheating.

  1. You need to pee all the time

There’s pretty much no way to decrease your need for bathroom breaks. Try to cut down on trips to pee by drinking to only to quench your thirst. Also, make sure to empty your bladder completely. To help more pee to pass, you could change up your position on the toilet and try lifting your belly a bit.

  1. Your legs are totally swollen and hurting

Some pregnant women get lots of swelling during their pregnancy, especially near the end of the day and end of the pregnancy. If you have to be on your feet at work, it might make the swelling worse. Try wearing compression socks or stockings to help cut down on your swelling and pain. If you’re able to, put your feet up as you work…even a slight elevation can help.

  1. Your boobs hurt

Lots of pregnant ladies complain about breast pain during pregnancy. They’re painful because your body’s getting ready for breastfeeding. We recommend that you buy a few larger-sized bras with good support.

  1. You’re hungry all.the.time.

It’s important that you to manage how much food you eat so that you can prevent low blood sugar and afternoon cravings. Always keep healthy snacks with you…it’ll prevent unhealthy food choices. Try things like protein bars, yogurt, fruit, cheese or granola—these options are easy to pack in your purse.

  1. Your feet hurt

We suggest that you stop wearing heels. It’s best for your feet, your back, and your pelvic floor to wear shoes that are more comfortable. Heels tend to make your body pitch forward and cause you to lean back, which will lead to leg cramps, bad posture, and tight, short pelvic floor muscles (not what you want when you need to give birth!).